Sergei Skripal – The Russians did it?

The evidence is crystal clear, beyond any doubt. The Russians did it. This is just like the sinking of the Choeonan, the killing of Kim Jong Nam, the sarin gas used by Assad. It is like the murderer deliberately left behind the murder weapon with his name carved on it.

The clearer and more obvious the evidence, the more smelly is the plot. Are the Russian intelligent agents so amateurish, fumbling and did not know how to wipe their mouths after eating? These are professionals, highly trained killers. Only the West, in this case the British, would want the world to believe the Russians are fools and committed a murder in broad daylight with evidence to tell the whole world they did it.

How many of you really believe that the Russians did it? How many of you believe Kim Jong Nam was murdered by the North Koreans? How many of you believe Assad would use sarin gas to attack his own people when the Americans and the West are putting him under a microscope? How many of you believe the Choeonan was sunk by the North Koreans and not by the Americans?

This is standard black ops 1.0. But not to worry, many of the unthinking would jump to conclusion without knowing that the ideas were planted in their simple minds to believe in what they read in the reputable media, with clear cut evidence that the Russians did it, the North Koreans did it, Assad did it. The reputable main media never print fake news, only the truth after many rounds of checks and confirmations!

Talking about fake news? Who is producing fake news? Remember WMD in Iraq, with information from the world’s top intelligent services in the USA and UK and France. And with their Presidents and PMs all believing in them and telling the whole world to believe in them. Then what was the truth eventually? Many dafts still insisting that Saddam Hussein had WMD and would not believe in this American and western lie. They refused to talk about it.

Who fabricated the false information on WMD? No, it is true? Saddam Hussein had WMD!
Sergei Skripal was a double agent that was exchanged for other Russian agents caught by the British. His score was settled, many decades back. There is no reason for the Russians to want to kill him any more. The plot was to kill him, after all he is no longer useful to the British anymore, oops, at least for one last time, to be killed and to put the blame on the Russians.

Strange, not true? What is benefiting from this wicked hoax and who is the victim? Russia or Britain? Did the British lose anything other than a useless Russian double agent? What has the Russians to gain from this killing of a historical non entity and with their names carved on the murder weapon?

Think, don't take things at face value, especially fake news from the main media and govt sources.


Americans are the darlings of Asean leaders

The Americans are in hot pursuit of Najib's crime in the 1MDB case. The Indonesian govt has helped the Americans to seize the hundred million dollar yacht, Equanimity, supposedly owned by Jho Low and with everyone knowing who is the real owner. The hounding of Jho Low is just a distraction from the main victim, Jho Low is only a front runner for you know who.

I am not sure why the Indonesians would lend a hand to do the dirty work for the Americans as if it is abiding by the American Law, that it is also a state of the USA, against the interest of fellow Asean leader.

The Americans are also deeply involved in the overthrow of the Duterte regime and many Pinoys are listening to their colonial masters and sharping their knives to stab into Duterte's back.

Aung San Suu Kyi is also on the hair cross of the Americans. Her removal is only a matter of time. She is a hot target in Canberra when the Asean leaders met with the self appointed white Sheriff of SE Asia.

So is Hun Sen. The Australians are using the Meeting to attack Asean leaders that are not little USAs or American cronies using human rights as the weapon. Why aren't the Asean leaders counter attack the Australian white Australia policies that are still in force under different guises? The Australians have been practising racism against Asians for centuries to keep Australia white and the natives in their black hole.

Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Najib and Hun Sen should also skip the submit unless they are willing to be slammed by the white supremacists in Australia acting as the agent of the evil Empire.

With the American hands everywhere meddling with the domestic politics of Asean countries, would Singapore also do their bidding to gang up against the North Koreans? Singapore has not made any official statement on this but the Americans have already said so.

What is certain is that these foolish Asean leaders would go on their bended knees to have a chance to be invited to the White House to have a meal with the Emperor and would be so happy and proud of the invite. Even Najib would be very pleased if the Emperor were to send him an invitation and he would go ga ga and forgot about the 1MDB persecution and the millions he has lost. And all his merry men would be hysterical if invited to an aircraft carrier and would do anything the Americans told them to, even thinking of starting a war with China.

The silliness of the Asean leaders for not being able to tell a devil standing in their face is in their DNA. The Americans could screw them everyday and they would still go running when the Americans say fetch. When would Najib or his deputies be like eager beavers queuing to be invited to the White House? When would the Pinoys be bowing down to the Emperor and offering their land as American bases again, to be the colony of the Americans? When would Thailand and Myanmar do the same? When would the Indonesians also crawl to the White House when beckoned?

Oops, I for got to include Thailand's Ocha also being attacked by the Americans for his military rule. The Americans have forgotten that Thailand provided them the military bases to attack Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Come to think of it, only two or three Asean  leaders are not being attacked by the Americans and its cronies.

Why would Asean think it appropriate to have a bilateral meeting with a country with a population less than Malaysia as if it is really a big power? This is really disgraceful.


A deep distrust with the PAP government – and the time to think, act and vote differently

“We have a greedy and insecure Govt that hoards, amasses wealth for its own good. And with a deluded and deceptive syndrome (like a bee in your bonnet) that “there is never enough”, backing reasons like “country with no natural resources” and citing policies “to benefit the poor and marginalised”.
Really! We have gone pass that years ago!

As long as we have our uncles and aunties cleaning toilets, floors and tables in the food centres when they should be enjoying the twilight years, and the complete contrast of high ministerial/public servants salaries, how do you account for that or even justify? Where is the improved livelihood?....

There is now a deep distrust with the pap Govt. It’s time for us to think, act and courageously vote differently at the ballot box.

We must stop the self-deluded and self-destructive excuse that there ain’t enough talent in Singapore, or in other political parties other than the People’s Action Party (PAP). 
We are Singaporeans, all the same, no different from the other.

Observe closely. We have a Law/Home Affairs minister who continues to conjure up every conceivable law to police our country with its intention to police our minds. Where is this directive from or is he acting on his own?...”
James Martin Aruldoss

The above appeared in TRE. This sense of distrust is growing while those in power are oblivious to it. They did not see anything wrong with what they are doing. They cannot see anything wrong with their compulsory schemes to rob the people of their CPF savings in ‘profit making’ insurance schemes. I will continue to say that the compulsory schemes are ‘profit making’ until the govt comes out to state categorically that they are not and all cumulated funds collected that were not paid out would be returned to the contributors to the compulsory schemes. It is morally unacceptable and wrong to use the law to compel the citizens to buy compulsory insurance policies that are ‘profit making’ in nature.

These are not the only things they could not see wrong. The flooding of the island with millions of foreigners to steal the jobs of Singaporeans and forcing many Singaporeans out of job is good for the people, provide jobs for the Singaporeans, so they claimed. They don’t care. To them the PMETs losing their jobs is normal, acceptable and they are to be blamed. To those who lost their jobs, their families suffered with them.

The wasting of tax payers’ money to fund foreign students in our tertiary institutions is robbing the people’s hard earned money, paid as taxes, to benefit foreigners that have nothing to do with us. This too they could not see anything wrong with it. The sum spent is not just hundreds of millions.

The bullying of opposition politicians to them is being very clever, listen to their clever arguments. The people are saying you know what to such childish antics. They could not see anything wrong with it.

And some jokers even asked how to regain trust of the people! The jokers that cannot understand what is wrong with what they are doing to the country and people would surely not find the answer. Please forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Ignorance is an excuse and good reason to forgive.

The thing is that the trust will get thinner and thinner if they refuse to look at themselves and the big hole they are digging for themselves. I have read in the social media saying that some day some may be put behind bars when a new govt comes to power. How true would this be would depend on how the new govt uses or abuses their power to deal with their political enemies. What goes around would come around. The govt must not set bad precedence for future govt to follow. Future govts can behave like thugs if they think they could get away with it.


My bruising past

The police report lodged by Ms Claudia Kwan after her 3-year-old daughter came back from pre-school with a bruise and swelling on her right ear brought a smile to my face. Not a smile of sadism but of fond remembrance. It brought back memories of an era when coming home from school with bruised ears or knuckles was no big deal, much less worthy of a police report. Those were the days when teachers doubled as Gestapo thugs to dish out dire punishment to disobedient students. Female teachers were particularly vicious - their claw-like nails left many a ear lobe with indelible pinch marks while the more inventive among them transformed wooden rulers into knuckle-dusters to rap (what else?) knuckles.

Not to be outdone, male teachers lined errant students against the wall and machine-gunned them with rapid-fire slaps. For talking in class, I found myself facing such a firing squad one fateful day. There were five of us and the four wimps next to me were already in floods and tears when the first “shot” rang out.  From the corner of my eye, I could see their heads jerk from the impact of his slaps. But I told myself I would never let a teardrop fall even if my head rolls. Shocked at my dry-eyed resistance, the embarrassed executioner whipped in two more slaps in a desperate bid to coax some fluid out of my tear glands. Just then, the public address system came to my rescue - not that I needed it. “Will Mr XXX come to the principal’s office! Will Mr XXX come to the principal’s office!” So off he trudged, with his tail between his legs.

When I came home with teacher’s finger marks plastered across face, my parents barely offered me a glance. They had our next meal to worry about. Since my hadn’t gone missing, what’s the big deal? Fast-forward to the present when a child’s bruised ear is enough to trigger Facebook postings, a police report and over-the-top parental hysteria, and you get the distinct feeling that you’re living in a different age. Different yes, but better? You be the judge.     

Can Kim Jong Un trust the Americans?

A meeting between Kim Jong Un and Trump is on the card, scheduled in May. This is another historic moment of the new century. But many rascals are insinuating that Trump must not trust Kim Jong Un and the North Koreans. The truth is the reversed.
Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il was betrayed and cheated by the conniving and lying Americans. He signed an agreement with the Americans to denuclearize and after dismantling his nuclear installations the Americans cheated him by heaping more demands than were agreed. Kim Jong Il tore the agreements and went back to rebuild his nuclear facilities.

Today we have a North Korea that is a full fledged nuclear power whether the Americans want to admit it or otherwise. A nuclear power is a nuclear power and does not need a recognition and acceptance from the Americans. Thanks to the Americans for betraying Kim Jong Il.

Now the Americans and their cronies are demanding that the North Koreans to denuclearize, to dismantle its nuclear weapons and facilities. In return the North Koreans are demanding a guarantee that their country would not be invaded or nuked by the Americans.

Can the North Koreans trust the Americans after being cheated by the Americans before? How can the Americans guarantee that North Korea would not be invaded or nuked after they have denuclearized, without nuclear weapons? Even if Trump were to give his personal guarantee, can the next American president or future presidents abide by this agreement and guarantee? Surely not.

The North Koreans are safe from an invasion led by the Americans or Japanese today because of the nuclear weapons and the support of Russia and China. If they have no nuclear weapons, the Americans could turn a blind eye and allow the Japanese or other crony countries to attack the North Koreans while pretending to be neutral, or worse, do it themselves.

A guarantee that North Korea would not be invaded or nuked is as good as No guarantee. The Americans cannot be trusted. Look at what is happening in the Middle East, in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria and the other countries where the Americans have invaded and with troops on the ground and refusing to leave. Ask what had happened to Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi and the outrageous WMD ploy.

It would be foolish for Kim Jong Un to trust the evil Americans, the country that lives by the notion of American Exceptionalism. They can do anything they want, to invade and do regime change to any country they want. They can tear to pieces any agreement they have signed, like TPP, Climate Change or refusing to sign agreements like the Law of the Sea and many other UN sanctioned agreements.

An American guarantee is like a guarantee given by the devil. I am sure Kim Jong Un would be smarter than to be duped by the Americans.


Who to blame or who do you vote for to ruin your life

Below is an extract of an article from a bitter Singaporeans, not local, a Singaporean. He is asking the same question many unemployed and highly qualified and experienced PMETs are asking. Many just resigned to their fate and disappeared even in govt statistics of the unemployed, no longer part of the statistics, not even good enough to be a statistic, forgotten, vanished. They no longer count in the percentages of unemployed to make it look as if the unemployed number is really low and acceptable.
Here is the extract by a Don Tan posted in TRE.

“A strange country, low level jobs like taxi drivers, insurance and property sales persons, you have highly qualified professionals. To rub salt into the would, the entry requirements for these course is you only have certificates from Singapore schools like NTU, NUS, SMU, Polys et cetera, all other certificates need to be separately assessed as they are not recognised!

What has gone wrong with this country? Third world foreigners coming into this country with inferior or fake degrees or qualifications are given good jobs while locals with good degrees and qualifications are relegated to prepare themselves to downgrade to low level career? You wonder why taxi, insurance and real estate would only prefer to look at local qualifications while govt ministries, GLCS and MNCS would hire all these third world inferior qualified?

Is this what you voted for? You are preparing yourself to be replaced by these imported FTs?”


What is happening to your country and your fellow Singaporeans? I don’t care a fuck about the locals that are not Singaporeans in such a situation. Now you even have MPs caring for PRs when the PRs are not eligible to vote and did not vote them to rule over you. They rather take care of PRs that are classified as locals than Singaporeans.
How many of you are PMETs and in dire strait like those attending courses with Don Tan and no MP would want to give you a helping hand?

Wake up daft Sinkies. Vote for people who care for you, not to care for foreigners even if they are classified as locals. They are not citizens, not Singaporeans. They are here stealing your jobs.


Chee Hong Tat - Test balloons are false and vicious

SINGAPORE: The Workers' Party could have used its "test balloons" allegation on the timing of the Goods-and-Services Tax (GST) "to great effect for political attacks", if the Government had not challenged it in Parliament, Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat has said.

"Had the Government not pursued the matter in Parliament, most people would have overlooked Ms Lim’s 'test balloon' comment.  However, the WP could later use it to great effect for political attacks, including during the next general election," he wrote in a letter addressed to all Singaporeans published on the People's Action Party (PAP) website on Saturday (Mar 10)....

Mr Chee said in his letter that her allegation was "false and vicious" and "goes to the heart of the Government's integrity".

"The underlying sting of that allegation was that the Government was being dishonest with the people," he wrote.

The WP could then repeat the allegation at election rallies and claim that since the Government did not rebut it in Parliament, "it must be true", he said.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/test-balloons-allegation-if-not-refuted-could-have-led-to-10032354

I thought after Sylvia Lim refused to apologise to Grace Fu's threat to file a complain against her this silly chapter on the test balloon allegation would have been closed and forgotten. The above is another report in Channel News Asia on Chee Hong Tat's public letter to the people to tell the people how dangerous is the test balloon allegation.
For goodness sake, testing the ground before implementing or changing policies or laws have been a standard practice by almost every govt all over the world. There are times when policies are unpopular or controversial or simply bad for the people and govts need to be very careful of the backlash if introduced. They would adopt all kinds of tactics to test the ground, soften the ground, creating fake news and misinformation to distract or convince the people to believe the policies are good and not bad for the people. Some govts may even tell lies to get the people to believe in their bad policies.
Test balloon is just another different expression of such govt tactics. It is nothing new or abnormal. What is the farce all about? Test balloons are false and vicious? 

I give up. It is a waste of time and resources like crying wolf or throwing a red herring to confuse the people. Oops, is crying wolf false and vicious, is throwing a red herring false and vicious, like test balloon?

What do you think?

PS. I think the people would be better educated and entertainment reading my rubbish in mysingaporenews.