Air India for sale – Great bargain

No one can resist a good bargain. And Air India is looking so attractive to the stupid that are always looking for a good bargain. And the stupid must be furiously trying to put up a case to acquire this great bargain. Maybe Air India has already knocked on their doors and they are all salivating.

Karamjit Kaur, an aviation correspondent has cautioned against this acquisition by the stupid. Not only that Air India has a whopping debt of $10.8 billion, the restructuring that would inevitably led to retrenchment or sacking of staff would be a nightmare given the labour union climate in India. She also gave several other reasons not to touch this great bargain but these are exactly the scoring points for the stupid to launch a buyout of Air India. The more treacherous a situation, the more gungho will be the stupid. Where angels fear to tread, the stupid would be there. That is how they lost so much money. Oops, I mean they made so much money.

The stupid would definitely put up a case that they could add value with their expertise to revive this ailing airline that the Indian govt even regards as a hopeless case . Anything the Indians are afraid off, it is a grave signal to stay clear. But to be sure, the stupid would be plunging head in for such a deal. Great danger means great opportunities for the stupid. They would always think that they could do a miracle. No risk no gain. After all it is OPM. If successful, big bonuses and big credit. If fail, so what, OPM mah.

Let’s all keep an eye on the stupid and see how desperate they are, or how eager they are to want to jump into this piece of shit. They may even pay a premium for it to prove that it was a golden opportunity not to be missed, to outbid everyone to make sure that they get this piece of shit, a great long term strategy to expand into India, a country of great potential for growth, the next biggest market in Asia. I am also convinced after writing this piece of shit.


Hawaii - This is how a nuclear war could have started

The Americans could have fire their nuclear missiles yesterday due to a 'mistake' in a drill to detect incoming missiles following the recent tension with North Korea. With everyone being made to believe that the North Koreans could fire their missiles, a missile attack warning that is said 'not a drill' is all that is needed to put everyone on panic mode. Below is reported in YahooNews.

'An alert warning of an incoming ballistic missile aimed at Hawaii was sent in error Saturday, sowing panic and confusion across the US state -- which is already on edge over the risk of attack -- before officials dubbed it a "false alarm."

Emergency management officials eventually determined the notification was sent just after 8:00 am (1800 GMT) during a shift change and a drill after "the wrong button was pushed" -- a mistake that lit up phones across the archipelago with a disturbing alert urging people to "seek immediate shelter."

The erroneous message came after months of soaring tensions between Washington and Pyongyang, with North Korea saying it has successfully tested ballistic missiles that could deliver atomic warheads to the United States, including the chain of volcanic islands.

"I deeply apologize for the trouble and heartbreak that we caused today," said Vern Miyagi, administrator of Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency.

"We've spent the last few months trying to get ahead of this whole threat, so that we could provide as much notification and preparation to the public.'....14 Jan 18

This event clearly demonstrates that the North Koreans need not do anything to precipitate a nuclear attack on them. Some mischievous people could fabricate one, an inside job, to force the hands of the already mad Americans to fire their missiles. And who would be the likely culprit to want the Americans to attack North Korea? Definitely there would be some hawks in the American administration that would want such an eventuality. Then there are outside sources and Japan is uppermost in the mind. The Japanese have every reason to want North Korea destroyed and the USA as well. An attack on North Korea would bring in the Chinese and Russians to attack the Americans and the three super powers will simply annihilate each other and making Japan the big winner.

And who do you think this Vern Miyagi is? Something really suspicious indeed. How can a country simply leave its strategic functions and assets to foreigners to take charge? They were all locked up during WW2 to prevent them from creating mischiefs. How trustworthy are foreigners when their loyalties and interests could be in conflict with the national interest of the host country? What is their agenda? And with the American Pacific Fleet in the hands of another Japanese Commander, the situation is dire.

Can silly countries learn from this episode to stop them from handing vital and strategic functions and assets to foreigners? Foreigners are so nice, so safe? Which twit said that?

PS: Have we forgot that prior to WW2, the Japanese had already flooded the island with their spies? The island was not just Hawaii, it was Singapore.


APO - Stupidity has no cure

I have been ranting at the stupid for so long and the result is the same. It is an exercise in futility. This APO thing, to leave the guarding of our immigration checkpoints to foreigners is so atrociously unbelieveable. How many strategic assets and functions of a country, a nation state, would be left to the charge and control of foreigners?

What are Singapore's core interests that must always be in the hands of true blue Singaporeans, not those that were given a pink IC one day and called themselves Singaporeans immediately and all the guards can go down. And the stupid often do talk about the importance of strategic assets, functions and interests on one hand and handing them to the foreigners and new citizens in the next second.

We have a nation of national servicemen trained and pledged to defend this country with their lives. They are entrusted with the nation's secret, security and to carry weapons. Many are senior NCOs and officers. Now these defenders of the nation are going to be screened and searched by foreigners with unknown background and history when they leave or return home. What a sick joke. It is alright if it is a joke. When it is a reality, it is no joke.

How many of our strategic functions and assets have been taken over by foreigners, with foreigners in charge? Our defence, home security, banking and finance, IT, human resources, the media, the ministries? And foreigners with unknown background and affiliations are allowed to live in the heartland in great numbers without a care on the safety and security of the citizens, the olds and the youngs.

Everything is fine, not to worry, the foreigners are all good people. The people that commit crimes are Singaporeans, not foreigners. This is not stupidity has no cure. It is worse than that, deceiving the people into a false sense of security and put to unacceptable risks.

When would the stupid learn? Sorry, I am asking a stupid question. The answer is obvious. The stupid would never learn. Stupidity has no cure. Enough said. Or is there a hidden agenda?

PS: It is  a misconception to think that they are stupid. Many are acting this way due to ignorance contributed by not reading history, not knowing how they arrived here except the few years of their existence. Some may know the agenda but pretend not to know as the money is good and objection is futile and will be in vain. But some are really stupid in the real sense of the word.


Another silly article in the media by a westerner

‘Can China handle growing backlash?’ by a Peter Marino, from The Metropolitan Society for International Affairs based in New York. This kind of silly question is no different from the question, ‘What is the intent of China?’ that I wrote earlier. The whole underlying assumption is that the present world order where the Americans and the West dominate the world and all countries must be meek and hapless and be ruled by the Americans and the West is the order of things, to keep the world peaceful.

China must remain meek and follow the policy of Deng Xiaoping, go quietly in what it is doing, with head bowed, lie low, be kicked around. China must just remain inside China, allows the Americans to sail its BCGs around the seven seas, to threaten China should China raise its head or step out of its shore. The policy of Deng also resulted in little countries, especially little USAs, thinking that they can punch China whenever they liked knowing that China would just bend its head and do nothing. This even led to a free grab of Chinese islands in the South China Sea that the West portrayed as China grabbing these islands. Fake news, fabricated news, distorted news, mischievous news?

The author even used the term ‘China seizing ownership of a port in Sri Lanka after local entities defaulted on the onerous terms China had demanded. The local outcry was substantial.’ What kind of fucking language and logic is that? Today, with the death of colonialism except for a few still under European and American rules, no country, not China, can go around to snatch a real estate from another country without the use of military might. Does the author still think it is ok to seize the American continents from the natives, Australia, New Zealand and Canada from the natives?

China has swopped its meekness ‘for attention grabbing proposals, strategic ambiguity abandoned for international military bases, high profile drills, showy parades and standoffs with neighbouring countries?’ What is wrong with building roads and ports in cooperation with countries that are willing? What is wrong with setting up international banks to help countries in need of finances? Ok for the West to set up World Bank, IMF and ADB? China cannot do such things? What is wrong with having a few military bases when the Americans have 1000 bases surrounding China? Land grabbing? Who is land grabbing? China or some of the littoral states of South China Sea? Who grabbed the continent of North America and Canada, Australia and New Zealand? Only white men can grab other people’s land?

Anti China trade sentiment has now bubbled up in the US. Does the author think that this is just happening today? The West have never been suspicious of China’s motives and intention? What are the intention and motives of the West and the author?

Let me volunteer to answer. China or any country that is not part of the American or Western Empire must remain meek, walk around doing their businesses with the heads bend down. Let the Americans and the West continue to rule the world in their terms. Is my answer correct?

Can China handle the growing backlash? What backlash? How many countries have joined the BRI? How many countries have joined the AIIB? How many countries are waiting to join BRICS and how many countries are waiting to join SCO?

The question to be asked should be, ‘Can the Americans and West handle the growing economic and military power of China? Did the Americans care about the backlash in the UNGA on its unilateral move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? China is now a super power and when its national interests are at stake, they would, like the Americans, say to hell with your backlash. China has stood up and would not be oppressed or kick around by little USAs or the big USA. Period.

No amount of silly articles is going to change this state of things. A new world order is in the making.


Fake news stifling free speech?

In thenewspaper front page news on 11 Jan was this heading, ‘Will fake news end up stifling free speech?’ What a dumb question to ask? What are the factors that limit, restrain or control free speech? Fake news? What has fake news got to do with stifling free speech? At the most fake news would be misleading, telling untruths and falsehood and lies. As to stifling free speech, the answer is obvious. I will deal with this later, no rocket science.

The govt is setting up a high power Select Committee to look into the issues of fake news in social media. This committee is headed by Charles Chong, Deputy Speaker of Parliament and 7 PAP MPs and one WP MP. No fake news in main media? What about half truths or select truth or alternate news? Would these constitute fake news? Was the statement that CPF is not the people’s money fake news?

Would the committee also look into the definition of fake news and include half truth, select truth, alternate news and propaganda as fake news, to mislead the readers? This is the first and basic step to take to define what constitutes fake news.

Singapore today has the highest percentage of its citizens with tertiary education, more than 50%, not like the days under colonial rule when less than 3% went to university. In many instances, such high percentage of tertiary graduates would qualify the people as smart people, a smart nation, not a smart nation of daft and unthinking zombies, waiting for the govt to spoon feed them with real news and fake news and telling them what are fake news. Is this not a sad state of affair, when a highly educated people cannot differentiate between fake and real news? Has our education system failed the people to reach this pathetic state of affair?

Ok, the Select Committee is not to deal with the stifling of free speech. Many wise ones in Parliament have commented that it is falsehood that is the problem with fake news, spreading falsehood to mislead. But telling half truth or select truth can also mislead right? MP Sun Xueling said repeated falsehoods can lead to crying wolf. Would this exercise of setting up a committee to look at fake news and to justify stronger legislation be also a kind of crying wolf? Misleading the readers is not only a result of fake news. There are many kinds of falsehoods in all the media, even in so called reputable American and western media, telling untruths, fabricated truths and outright lies. Social media is not the only source of fake news.

A notable comment from Seah Kian Peng is worth mentioning here. ‘Heavy handed legislation may backfire on the Govt, acting as the judge, jury and executioner of what constitutes credible information. We may end up freezing free speech online.’ NMP Kok Heng Leun also cautioned against abusing the law against people who were just expressing their opinions.

What would stifle free speech is simply power and the abuse of power, not fake news. No need to elaborate this simple fact. It is everywhere. What is dangerous about this issue is that it will end up with more power than necessary to deal with fake news and ended up with the stifling of free speech. What is the real intent of this expensive exercise? To curb fake news, to help to educate the people, or to curb free speech? The grey area is so grey and fussy, more like fake news, more like crying wolf.

What do you think?


The rise of North Korea as a nuclear power

The North Koreans have proven that they have the capability and the missiles to deliver their nuclear weapons. Period. The silly buggers in Washington can go on yelling that they would not recognize North Korea as a nuclear power but the facts are facts and no amount of silly denials would change the situation.

Oh, the rogue Empire would still be thinking of changing this reality by conducting a preemptive strike to destroy North Korea’s nuclear weapon and missile facilities. They have made elaborate plans to invade North Korea together with the rogue Japanese. They have sounded out to Russia and China and the UN and their European allies. Russia and China have made it clear, no invasion of North Korea, no war in the Korean Peninsula. And if the Americans dare to, they would be on the side of the North Koreans, to take on the Americans and the Japanese.

To make their position clear, the Chinese and Russians have moved their troops to the borders of North Korea. China has moved at least 150,000 men to mean business. Though the diplomatic excuse was to control an anticipated surge of refugees, the troops and their anti aircraft missiles would not lie. The missiles have no relevant to the refugees and are meant for the Americans and the Japanese.

Kim Jong Un is very secure with the Chinese and Russian troops at the borders. He knew very well that the troops were there to support him in case the mad Americans and barbaric Japanese attacked. And he can continue to defy the Americans and call the American bluff. An American attack would be against North Korea, China and Russia and it would be a multi lateral war. All the American forces would come under the attack of the Russian and Chinese forces. The anti aircraft missiles would be targeted at the American bombers. The anti ship missiles will be aimed at the American aircraft carriers and North Korean medium range missiles against all the major targets in Japan and Guam.

The Chinese and Russians would not allow a war in the Korean Peninsula and would do everything they could to prevent it happening and would fight the Americans if necessary. What is frightening and dangerous is the reckless rhetoric and manouevres of the Americans that could be misread by the North Koreans and all hell breaks loose. The mad Americans must restrain themselves and desist from fiery and foolish talks of attacking North Korea and flying their war machine all over the sky. A miscalculation is all it takes to bring about Armageddon.

An additional risk is the Japanese element. The Japanese have all to gain to provoke a fight between the Americans and the Chinese/Russians to mutually destroy each other. They could easily force the issue by conducting a sneak attack that would trigger a full blown North Korean reaction and the rest would be history.

Though a war is unacceptable and unlikely given the severe nature of the consequences, it cannot be ruled out when some actors would want to provoke it. With or without a war, unless it is nuclear annihilation of the Korean people, North Korea is now an established nuclear power to be reckoned with. The Americans like it or not would have to accept this reality and live with it. It is in their interest and the good of the American people that they should behave themselves, not acting like a rogue, and avoid raising tensions and risking a nuclear war with the North Koreans with the backing of China and Russia.

To the rogue Empire, you are not alone. You cannot hit anyone at your pleasure with impunity. Your reckless and irresponsible aggressive ways have come to an end, at least in the Korean Peninsula.


Keppel O&M cannot come at a better time

This thunderbolt from Brazil finally struck and many were stunned as to how to react. Damage control was uppermost in many people’s mind. The fine of a few hundred millions is nothing or of little concern. What is a few hundred millions? What is more difficult to deal with is the punishment for those involved. Fortunately, by an act of God, no one really knew what happened. Everyone did not know nothing about the scandal. Honest, trust me. So a warning from the AG office would suffice. This episode further strengthened the belief that Singapore is a country that is free from corruption. And if there is a corruption in a GLC and in another corner of the earth, it is reasonable to believe that those in charge in Singapore would not know, not a clue about it. It is so far away, for goodness sake.

But the severity of this corruption case involving tens of millions and only one PR, an American citizen, would still be a good reference to other corruption cases in Singapore. How this case is handled or dealt with, the severity and the punishment of people involved or associated with it would or could be used to measure how other corruption cases in Singapore are being handled. It will set the standard or what is acceptable or not norm.

The WP MPs must be quietly smiling. They would be comparing their Town Council case with this case. The Keppel O&M is a proven corruption case involving US$55 million. What about the Town Council case? Has corruption been proven and if it does, how much was involved? Can the WP MPs also use the excuse of not knowing, did not know, not aware, so may be a warning would suffice?

The debate in Parliament about how innocent the management of Keppel Corp in Singapore is and how they should not be held accountable for a crime they did not know would be carefully studied by the WP. How would the WP use this case in their defence of the Town Council case still in question would be interesting. The law is impartial and one set of law shall be applicable to all, one set of punishment must also be applicable to all. The lighter the punishment given to the Keppel management, the better would be for the Town Council case.

The WP MPs must be taking down notes of who and who saying what and what in the defence of the Keppel O&M case in Parliament and how to use the same arguments in their defence. Listen to the great arguments propounded and the moral high ground taken, and the excuses. The ‘not light or did not get off lightly’ penalty would come under the spotlight when the Town Council case is heard in court.